The Fuchsia Centre
C-Corolla, Se-Sepals, (S)-Single, (D)- Double, - American


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**Special Offer**

12 Mixed Bush fuchsias of our choice for only £16.99 including postage saving over £5.00. You wont be disappointed!!
Albertina.jpg Albertina

C. Lavender RoseS. White Bush
Alison Patrica Alison Patrica
(S)Se. Pale crimson tipped green. C. Violet rose with red veins.
Alan Titchmarsh Alan Titchmarsh
(S)Se. Rose. C. Palest pink. Flowers continuously
Angie.jpg Angie

C. Rich Purple S. White Pink
Amazing Masie
(D)C. Light pink veined orange Se. Light pink
Barbara Windsor
(S)C. Magenta Se. Violet
Ballet Girl Ballet Girl
(D) C. White. Se. Cerise red
(D)Se. Dark Red C. Deep purple to black very prolific
Blands New Stripe

(S)C.Bright Red Se. Red streak Rose
Blush Of Dawn Blush Of Dawn (D) C. Grey - blue. Se. Waxy white. Outstanding.
Carmel Blue Carmel Blue
(S)  Se. White outspread C. Blue & Long. 
Chiquita Maria

Chiquita Maria
(D) C. Red. Se Carmine tipped white. Ideal standard. (Annabelle Stubbs - 1987)
Checkerboard Checkerboard
(S) C. Red. Se. Red and white, free flowering. 
Christmas Ribbons Christmas Ribbons (D) C. Campanula violet. Se. Red. Very descriptive name for this delightful American variety.
Coachman Coachman
(S)C. Deep Orange Se. Salmon
Dark And Delicious
(S)Se. Purple with red C. Red with long reflexes
Diane Princess Of Wales
(S) Se. Coral blue C. Pale pink dainty and free flowering 
Doroth Hanley Dorothy Hanley
(S) C. Plum Se. Rose Pink Free Flowering.
Eden Rock
(S)C. Deepest Purple Se. Rose Red
  (S) Se. Pink Turning Lilac C. Purple Brushed Pink
Feather Duster
Feather Duster
(D)C. Pure white/faint pink. S. White. Profuse. (McLaughlin - 1994)
Fluffy Frills Fluffy Frills (D) S. Claret-rose C. Bright Pink (Annabelle Stubbs)
Flying Scotsman Flying Scotsman
(D) C. Red with white streaks . Se. Pink. 
Geoff Amos Geoff Amos
(D) C. Pure White. Se. Pink. Striking variegated foliage. 
Gillian Anthea
(D)C. Light Pink with orange Se. White and pink
Heidi Ann Heidi Ann
(D) Se. Crimson. C. Orchid purple.
Jean Smith Jean Smith
(D) Red purple. S. Red reflexed.
jenann.jpg Jennifer Ann

(D)C.Pink tinged neon rose Se. Coral Pink
Love Knot Love Knot (D) C. rose - red. Se. Rose to purple, edges brushed with amethyst - violet.
Lyes Unique

Madeleine Sweeney
(D) Purple with rose pink sepals. Large double flower
Manderin Cream
(S)C. Short creamy white, Se. Orange Red. What a contrast!
Maori Maid
(D)C. Royal Purple Se. Scarlet
Marcus Graham
(D) C. Dusky pink streaked pale orange. S. Dusky pink.
Michael Michael
(D)S. White slightly flushed pink. C. White.
Mood Indigo
(D)C. Bright Magenta Se. White blushed pink
Nancy Lou
Nancy Lou
 (D) C.White Se. Deep clear pink
Orange Crush
(S)C.Bright Orange Se. Orange salmon
Oriental Sunrise

(S) C. Dark Orange Se. Light orange. A perfect name for this delightful fuchsia
Paula Jane   (D) C. Beetroot Purple Se. Carmine Red
Peppermint Stick Peppermint Stick (D) C. Royal purple and carmine rose. Se. Carmine rose
(D) C. Purple with orange rose outer petals.  Se. Dark pink 
Rocketfire (D) C. Violet Blue. S. Fiery red. profuse flowers. 
Royal Velvet Royal Velvet (D) C. Luminous deep purple. Se. Crimson red.
Southgate Southgate
(D)  C. Very soft powder pink. Se. Medium pink
(S)C.White Se.Baby pink wonderful contrast of colours
Sir David Jason
(S)C. Purple with red vein Se. Red
(D) C. Bright carmine with beautiful white variegations on outer petals. S. White.
Starwars Star Wars
(S)C. Pure White Se. Violet
Waltz Jubellteen
(S)C. Salmon Orange Se. Pale Pink upward looking
Winston Churchill
(D)C. Silvery blue. S. Rosy - cerise. Make an excellent standard