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C-Corolla, Se-Sepals, (S)-Single, (D)- Double, - American


Hardy Fuchsias £1.50



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12 Mixed Hardy fuchsias of our choice for only £16.99 including postage saving over £5.00. You wont be disappointed!!
ABBE FARGES. (SD) C. Rosy lilac.  T&Se. Light cerise. Medium, profuse flowers. 2ft
ACHIEVEMENT. (S) Se. cerise C. Reddish purple beautiful shape 4ft 

ALICE HOFFMAN. (S)C. White Se. Red 18ins
ARMY NURSE. Te. Se. Deep carmine C. Bluish violet flushed pink at base. 18ins

BENJAMMIN (S) Te.Se. Bright pink C. Bright Aubergine 2ft 6ins

BEACON. (S) C. Mauvish pink. Se. Red. A compact self - branching bush. 3ft
BLUE GOWN. (D) C. Bluish purple, splashed carmine. T&Se. Cerise. 2ft 6ins
BRUTUS. (S) C. Rich dark purple. Se. Rich cerise. Very profuse and early bloomer. 3ft


S.pale pink C.Mauve Violet 4ft
CHINA LANTERN. (S) T. Deep Pink and shiny 2ft

CLIFFS HARDY. C. Campanal - violet paler at base Te. Se. Light crimson

CLOVERDALE JEWEL (SD) T. Neyron-rose. C. Wisteria blue with rose veining. Early flowering. 2ft 6ins

DOLLAR PRINCESS. (D) C. Deep purple. Se. Cerise. Highly recommended. 2ft 6ins
DRAME. (SD) C. Violet purple. T&Se. Scarlet. 2ft 6ins

EMPRESS OF PRUSSIA. (S) T&Se. Glowing scarlet. C. Reddish magenta, paler at base. 2ft 6ins

FLASH. (S) T. Se.&C. Magenta red. flowers small but profuse. 2ft
FLASHLIGHT. (S) T&Se. Pale pink, tipped green. C. Pale rose-purple. 3ft
FLORENCE TURNER. (S) Se. White. C. Pale purplish pink. Medium sized flowers early and free. 2ft 6ins
GARDEN NEWS. (D) C. Magenta rose, rose pink at base. Se. Pale pink. Colour best in full sun. 2ft 6ins
GENII. (S). C. rich violet. T & Se. Cerise. Small flowers very free. Foliage light yellowish green with red stems. Bush. Hardy. 2ft 6ins
GOLDEN TREASURE. (S). T & Se. Scarlet, C. Purplish-magenta. Green and gold variegated foliage 2ft
GRAYRIGG. (S) T. White with green flush, Se. Tipped green, has deeper pink underside. C. Soft pink. 2ft 6ins
GREY LADY. (D) C. Blue fading to pink. Se. Red. Upright strong growing. 2ft
HAPPY. (S) Se. Red. C. Blue. Dwarf. 18ins
HAWKSHEAD. (S) T. White suffused green. Se. flushed green. C. White barrel shaped. 3ft 6ins
ICE COOL (A.K.A. Dalta Sarah). (S) C. Crystal whiteSe. Vivid Blue Strong Contrast Bush.
JACK STANWAY. (S). Se. Rhodamime pink. C. White Veined pink. Profusion of blooms. Sage green edged green foliage. 18ins
LADY BOOTHBY. Climbing Fuchsia. Se. Red C. Purple. Red veined Green foliage
LADY THUMB. (S) C. White. Se. Carmine. Dwarf and very free flowing. 18ins

LENA. (SD) C. Magenta. Se. Pink trailer. 18ins
LOTTIE HOBBY (Hemsleyana) Species variety, can be trained on hoop or Bonsai, very small single flowers. 18ins

MADAM CORNELISSEN. (D) S. Rich scarlet. C. White Veined cerise. veryfree flowering
MAGELLANICA AUREA. (S). T & Se. Red. C. Purple. Golden yellow foliage. 4ft
MAG RICCARTONII. "The hedging fuchsia" Dense bush to 4ft. Light small purple / red flowers. 4ft

Mrs Popple. (S) Se. Carmine Red C. Rich Purple can be used for hedge 3ft
MAJOR HEAPHY. Te. Se. Brick red tipped green C. reddish scarlet
NICOLA JANE. (D) C. White with faint scarlet veining. Se. Scarlet. 2ft
NORTHWAY. (S) T&Se. Light pink. C. Cherry red. Small flowers very profuse. 2ft
PHYLLIS. (S) C. & Se. Carmine. Very free flowering. 3ft
PHENOMENAL. (D) T. Scarlet, very broad. Se. Scarlet. C. Rich indigo - blue, paler at base, slightly veined carmine. 2ft 6ins
PIXIE VARIEGATA. (S). Scarlet and violet. Green and gold foliage. 2ft 6ins
PRESIDENT LEO BOULLEMIER. (S) White flared sepals. C. Magenta blue maturing to blush pink. 2ft
REMEMBRANCE. (SD) Se. Rose C. Pale pink veined red 3ft
ROSE OF CASTILLE. (S) T&Se. Wax white tipped green. C. Purple, medium flowers free. 2ft 6ins
SCARCITY. (S) C. Purple. Se. Deep scarlet. Lye introduction very free flowering. 3ft

SNOWCAP. (S). C. White. Se. Red. Free flowering. 2ft
TENNASSEE WALTZ. S.Rose C. Lavender Lilac
TOM THUMB. (S). Dwarf. C. Mauve purple. Se. Light carmine. 18ins

TOM WEST. (S). C. Purple. T & Se. Red. Variegated foliage of cream and pale green. TR. Hardy. 18ins
UNCLE CHARLEY. Te. Se. rose red. C. lilac lavender, shading to lilac
WHITE PIXIE. (S). T & Se. Carmine. C. white. Yellowish green foliage. 2ft
Growth 2½-3 ft. Tube and sepals pale pink, corolla light purple.
WHITE KNIGHTS PEARL. (S)Se. Pastel Pink C. Pastel Pink (slightly deaper than white knights blush) 3ft